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Eveline Dürr

Eveline Dürr from Gams spent six very impressive months in Ghana in 2007 as a volunteer in the children’s home in Akwakwaa. She was one of the first foreign helpers and the situation of the children in the home was very modest when she arrived. But with help from Switzerland Eveline could already change some things during her stay.

Since her return to Switzerland Eveline has been in contact with those in charge at the home and has been very active with the Nyamekye Children’s Home. As she was appointed “Queen Mother of Akwakwaa”, which is the highest woman in the village, during her first long stay, the development of the community is also very near and dear to her. Through the association Friends of Akwakwaa it is now possible to expand the support of the children of the Nyamekye Children’s Home as well as the locals of Akwakwaa – and hopefully to make big changes in a small village in Ghana.

Contact: eveline(a)foa-ghana.ch



Zoé Castillo Duany Braun

Don’t dream your life – live your dream.
One of these dreams is travelling. For me travelling – getting to know other countries and cultures – is a luxury. From an early age I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate different countries and cultures of this world.
I developed a love and fascination for Africa and Latin America – and my wish to have a purpose in the south grew. 2008 I had the pleasure to meet Eveline at university. Quickly we developed a friendship and she often told me about her six months in Ghana. I admired her commitment in Akwakwaa and she gave me the chance to accompany her on a trip to West Africa and to get to know the home, the children and the village Akwakwaa. After that trip we decided to start an association – which is how I became part of this wonderful project.


Children are at least at fault for the circumstances which they are born into and under which conditions they grow up. Children are above all one thing – our future. That’s why the work for the children means a lot to me and I hope that people who had the luck to grow up under good circumstances with good education and good health can pass on some of this luck. I had this luck myself and want to pass on part of it. You can’t change the world, but you can try to make it better.

We're all distant relatives, no matter where you from, where you live how near or far...Africa,China, Japan, Afghanistan, Israel...We're all fam, we're all distant relatives (NaS and Damian Marley – Distant Relatives).

Contact: zoe(a)foa-ghana.ch



Daniela Dürr

As Eveline’s younger sister, Daniela was always aware of her sister’s experiences ni Akwakwaa. And Eveline’s passion rubbed off on Daniela. That’s why it was very easy for Daniela to decide to be part of the board.
Friends of Akwakwaa is a project that Daniela can back completely. She sees the opportunity to be involved in Friends of Akwakwaa as a privilege. At which other aid project can you be so directly involved in helping disadvantaged children? Furthermore Daniela appreciates that Friends of Akwakwaa has very good communications with the children’s home. It is important though that the association does not lose the relation to reality and accomplished the intended goals in the best way possible. Daniela’s personal goal is clear: to visit the children’s home in Akwakwaa soon herself, to meet the children in Akwakwaa and to assess the needs on site first-hand.

Contact: daniela(a)foa-ghana.ch