Current Projects

School Scholarships

In the school that is part of the Nyamekye Children’s Home they can only teach up to primary six. For the older children solutions to continue the education have to be found. It is our aim to give the children the necessary tools to manage their lives independently in the future. That’s why we provide school sponsorships for some of them.


During the school year 2014/2015 we supported six boys and two girls between the ages of 12 and 16 with the completion of Junior High School. We are in close contact with the students and their guardians and are also informed about their performance in school.


Youth Club Friends of Akwakwaa

Some of the young people of the village community in Akwakwaa have joined together to form a club. They meet up several times a month to exercise together, for example to go jogging on Sunday mornings. Regular clean up efforts in the streets of the village and excursions are part of the programme of Friends of Akwakwaa in Ghana. The football team of the club also meets up for training sessions and represents the village at regional football tournaments.


The youth club is led by young adults from the village community. We support the group with materials for their activities and with contributions for their trips. The dedication of the members of Friends of Akwakwaa is incredible, which is why we are planning on supporting the youth club long-term.

For further information on the youth club Friends of Akwakwaa please contact us: info(a)





Completed Projects

  • Acquisition of tables and benches for the new public primary school Akwakwaa (2013)


  • Purchase of a minibus to generate a monthly income for the Nyamekye Children’s Home to cover the salaries of the caretakers (2013)
  • Implementation of prevention courses for youths and adults in Akwakwaa (topics: hygiene, first aid, nutrition, sex education, young mothers) (2011/2013)


  • Monthly contribution to the salaries of the caretakers (2009-2013)
  • Construction of a classroom in the Nyamekye Children’s Home (2009)


  • Various smaller acquisitions for the Nyamekye Children’s Home and taking over the costs of medical emergencies (2009-2015)

For further information, reports and pictures of the completed projects in Akwakwaa please contact us: info(a)